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Taxi Booking app Development Companies in texas

It is well known that people living in big cities face a variety of threats when commuting from one location to another. Okay, the two big ones: fatigue in traffic and misery in the parking of their cars. In order to solve this dilemma, a solution to this problem came in the form of UBER in 2009. The Uber is nothing but a taxi booking app that helps users to rent a cab for their trip.

In fact, this leaves them safe rather than worrying with their vehicle accidents and other problems such as cleaning. All these things make people turn to Uber. As a result, Uber licensed the trademark as a profitable billion-dollar start-up. Uber’s powerful growth has encouraged a range of companies including Ola, Lyft and more to get into the development of taxi booking app.

As a taxi booking app Development Company in Texas, iCore Software Systems give you the scope of how an excellent taxi booking app can improve your business. 

Important features that you must consider before developing a taxi booking app

Here are some key considerations that should be kept in mind when designing a taxi booking app 

Enroll the GPS features

GPS technology is one of the most critical aspects of the taxi booking app. This is because if the driver approves the journey, the driver can get the rider’s position from this GPS. Moreover, not every driver would have too much experience of the roads, and so this Global Positioning System allows the driver to meet the destination.

How GPS helps?

1. Tracks the customer’s location 
2. Navigates the shortest and easiest path.
3. Shows the closest taxi to the customer

Introduce dual payment option

Riders will be provided on your application with various payment options. This makes the payment method quick and easy for passengers. Most people don’t have a hand in cash in these days. To encourage this, several payment methods such as wallets, net banking, debit/credit and different electronic payment solutions should be implemented.

Review Page

By adding a review page, you will get reviews from both the driver and the passenger. Besides, this page should make customers know how important their feedback to you. It also helps to improve your business market and offers a better solution.

Notifications and alerts

This method will help the app owner to convey the deals, latest features and different choices to the customers. In fact, alerts are one of the easiest ways to communicate with people.

When you’re looking to create a taxi booking app, you need to invest in the taxi booking technology insights, expertise and experience. Make use of the new technologies to equip what the customers want. Well to have, developing an excellent and sophisticated framework is important. You need to step forward with the best and most experienced mobile app development company to create such an application and this is where we can help you as a well-to-do taxi booking app development company in Texas. 

Why Choose iCore for developing your Taxi Booking App?

As a Taxi booking app development company in Texas

iRide Driver is an online transportation application that allows the cab drivers to find rides in the city. This application is installed in the smartphone and has an easy to use UI that enables the cab drivers to register their vehicle and find rides. The functionalities of this application include finding nearby rides, fixing costs (with minimal variation from base costs), ride routing, ride tracking etc. iRide Driver is available for Android and iOS platforms

iRide Passenger is an online taxi riding service. This app is used at the passenger end of the iRide taxi service. Passengers looking for taxis in the vicinity can find taxis through this app. iRide Passenger has features of advanced booking of taxis for a future date, emergency options, trip management, driver and vehicle preferences etc.

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