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How to make your Wordpress SEO friendly Url

Any website resorts to SEO or search engine optimization to beget or increase traffic. While there are many facets to accomplishing SEO, one of the main factors impacting it, is the structure of the URL. The success of a website is determined by its organic visibility and rank, which predominantly depends on an SEO friendly WordPress Custom URL. It is also one of the most popular ways to maximize your website’s online presence, making indexing extremely easy.

Your URL doesn’t change with time, thus making it a permanent impression of your website. WordPress, however, does provide default URL structures that are not optimized for the web. That is why you must get a WordPress URL or permalink that is SEO friendly.

91.5% of the traffic share for a keyword or phrase goes to sites listed first in Google’s search results, and 32.5% of that traffic alone goes to the first result. – Search Engine Journal

What is an SEO Friendly URL?

Working just like regular URLs SEO friendly URLs are embedded with keywords that describe the contents of the page. Search engines comprehend these easily and instantly rank these. Chances are you precede higher in the SERPs, with URLs that are well-comprehended by search engines.

Example of SEO-friendly URL: https://www.icoresoftwaresystems.com/blog/E-Commerce-Augmented-Reality-App-in-Texas

Example of non-SEO friendly: https://webdamn.com/?p=77

How to make your WordPress URL SEO friendly?

WordPress is commonly considered as one of the most SEO friendly platforms. Its features can help you optimize your content for search engines. Moreover, there are some built-in features and tools that you can use to improve your ranking choices.

Managed Hosting Service

You’ll want to select a hosting service that helps protect and speed up your site, even before the installation of WordPress. A breached or slow site leads to traffic loss due to poor user experiences, even if security and speed may not impact ranking. It is the user’s impression that influences the SEO of the website.

Take the right steps to optimize your code, content and formatting for the search engines, to index them.

Managed hosting is an excellent option if you wish to optimize your site. Essentially, it means some responsibilities of running the content are shared by the hosting company. Malware scans, daily backups, consistent caching of the site, closing security loopholes, and updating your WordPress themes and plugins, are regularly performed by them. Reach out to us to run reliable, fast, and accurate websites. On the whole, managed hosting simplifies the optimization process to provide better speeds, load times, and security.

SEO-optimized WordPress Theme

Did you know Google first displays mobile-friendly results? This means a responsive theme is imperative to optimize the site for mobile devices and desktops equally.

mobile devices

When you are making your selection, you may want to consider the theme’s design and code as well. A feature-rich theme or a poorly coded one could slow down the website. This will only impact visitor experience and subsequently search ranking. Choose a theme that is fully responsive and coded with CSS3 and HTML5.

Best Permalink Structure for WordPress

Traditionally, you would have to create SEO friendly URLs since WordPress would only provide non-SEO friendly URLs. In the contemporary versions, post name is used to create fully SEO friendly URLs. Your website URLs, today, are automatically rendered SEO friendly when you install WordPress. Thus, you can get into the permalink settings to modify your URL structures according to your requirement.


Settings > Permalink > Post Name

While WordPress uses a plain permalink by default, the URLs get randomly assigned to a series of question marks and numbers to differentiate them. This, unfortunately, does not help search engine crawlers and readers tend to lose track or value of your content. Use a single command as above to change your permalink structure and inject keywords targeted into your post.

Reach out to iCore to create your WordPress SEO friendly URL to rank you on top of the search engines.

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