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Web Application Development Using java

Web applications are a type of distributed applications running on multiple computers and can communicate through the network or server. It is very useful for the enterprises to update and maintain without the need for software installation on the client computers. What’s more, millions of people could use one application. They are used for retail online sales, banking, discussion boards, weblogs, webmail, etc.  JavaScript is the most flexible of the specific mark-up or scripting language involved and stands to be an ideal programming language. A page as simple as displaying date and time, or as complex as the set of flights, hotels, or rental booking pages are involved in a web application.  The Software technologies involved in the development of web applications are Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), Java Standard Edition (JSE), Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), Java Server Pages (JSP) etc. iCore Software Systems, a Texas-based web Application development company, is incorporating these innovations to build engaging and safe web applications for our clients and customers.

What is Java Web technology and how is it used in web applications?

Java technologies and frameworks are cloud-based software libraries providing Java web applications with a user interface, or “view-layer.” These frameworks are used to identify web pages and to handle the HTTP requests created from those web pages. Java Web Server is used for creating interactive websites. Java offers support over JSPs and Servlets for the web application. We can build a website with static HTML web pages but we need the web application when we want data to be dynamic. Java is the name for both the programming language that can be used to build complex web applications and the software platform that made use of this programming language as its most important component. Development companies make extensive use of it to develop stable, robust and scalable web applications.

What are the types of Java technologies involved in web application development?

1. JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library has the iterator and conditional tags to manage flow control, SQL database access tags, XML document manipulation, internalization, and widely used functions.

2. Java Servlet API

The JavaServlet API runs as an HTML user interface (UI) or GUI application on the server-side, without its own application. They are used to extend applications hosted on Web servers. Many web applications are developed using the Java Servlet extensions.

3. Java Server Pages Technology (JSP)

The Java Server Pages Technology gives an easy and quick way of creating dynamic content. It encourages the incorporation of servlet code snippets into the text-based paper. JSP includes static data presented in text format, namely Wireless Markup Language (WML), XML and HTML. The JSP development elements define the dynamic content construction of the page.

4. Java Message Service API

The Java Message Service API is the combination of Java technology and enterprise messaging. The JMS API is a powerful tool for addressing business computing issues.

5. JavaServer Faces Technology

It forms an important UI framework to build web applications.

6. Java Naming and Directory Interface

It provides naming and directory functionality and allows applications to access multiple naming and directory services.

7. JavaMail API and the JavaBeans Activation Framework

It is used to send updates via e-mail. In conjunction, the JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) API can be used to determine the type of data, that encapsulates the access and discovers the available operations.

Apart from Java, other few web technologies are also actively used, they are namely

1. Java Script
2. Single Page Application
3. Blockchain Technology
4. Motion UI
5. Bots or AI
6. Cybersecurity

The sophistication of the web applications depends on the employing of various technologies such as the J2EE Connector Architecture; Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS); Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB); SOAP with Attachments API (SAAJ); Java API for XML Registries (JAXR); Java Transaction API (JTA), and, etc.

iCore Software Systems is a web application development company in Texas, which specializes in offering open-source CMS development services in Texas. Our experts make sure that all your requirements are clearly understood and help in delivering the right end product.

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